100 Latrines for Blue Tent Community Launched

The construction of 100 toilets in Blue Tent Community was launched on May 25 in Ponnhear Leu district, Oudongm Kandal Province. The latrines will be constructed by Habitat for Humanity Cambodia and granted to the relocated families living in the Blue Tent Community living without access to proper sanitation facilities through Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope.

The donation of the latrines is an initiative of Eunice Olsen, Miss Singapore 2000, who is now an actress, writer, and a film producer in Singapore. She assembled individual donors from Singapore. “I used to visit Cambodia and did some small projects such as providing books and clothes for children in public schools. This time, on my return, we want to do something more sustainable and more useful for people’s daily lives. I decided to support this toilet project, and I believe after the toilets are built, the sanitation and hygiene condition in this community will definitely improve. Partnership with otherNGOs is key to filling-in the gaps,” Ms. Olsen said.

The project allows HFH Cambodia to practice further Construction Technical Assistance to worthy cause such as this. Families in the Blue Tent Community will contribute to the project through sweat equity during construction. Project is targeted to finish on July 2012.

The Blue Tent Community is located nearby the Khmer Harvest Build Community.

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