532 Community Members Receive PHAST and Hygiene training

4A four-day Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) and Hygiene training was conducted from 8 to 12 April in  four communes – Cha Chhouk, Ta Soam, Kouk Doung and Norkor Pheas in Angkor Chum district, Siem Reap. The 532 villagers comprising of men, women and children attended the classes.

The training was meant to educate the community members about the significance of using clean water and proper toilets, the types of illness that could be contracted through the use of unclean water and how to prevent them, and to also encourage behavior change to lead to sustained improvement in sanitation through the PHAST methods. The participants actively joined the group discussions, Q&A and group presentations showing the proper use of Water and Sanitation facilities. Facilitators used pictures and illustrations for better understanding amongst the participants.

13 years old Chan Chakriya, a 6 grader shared, “I like being involved in this hygiene class. Teachers explained very clearly about how important hygiene is in our daily living. I was able to understand better because of the pictures they used. I will share what I have learned with my family so I can help teach and remind them to use clean water and toilet always”