A Pond for Growth

While vegetables continue growing and the number of chickens being raised and sold are also growing, the demand for farm work grows. New tasks have been added to assure increased productions.

Lately, an innovative type of fish pond cultivation was introduced in the farm with new raising methods with the use of a plastic 4m x 6m, half meter-deep fish pond that started to be employed early July. One pond is able to cultivate 1,000 cat fish. Cat fish was selected because of the fish’s strong immune system (against disease) and it can be harvested in a short period of time (three months).

Another advantage of the pond is price savings; it only costs $200 to cultivate and manage one pond until its harvest. In this aspect, production indeed gets loaded.

“Apart from its low cost and short production, this pond has a number of pros – it is easier to manage the water systems and it makes use of less equipment during harvest time,” said Mr. Seng Senlim, the Farm Manager.

Presently, two plastic fish ponds are situated at the farm with 2,000 cat fish expected to be harvested by end of this month. “We plan to make cycle fish ponds where we can collect the produce every season. As we are now successful in the raising methods with well trained farm staff, we will soon dig three more ponds to allow us to harvest and sell regularly. The income from this new venture will be used to support the farmer salary,” Senlim continued.

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