Andrew’s Mansonry Line Block

Khmer Harvest Build is over but our supporters’ contributions continue to ripple among the community people and among our program. One excellent example is the simple but highly useful Masonry Line Blocks created by Andrew Baker, our construction volunteer from New Zealand.

In his prior visit during the KHB test build, Andrew observed that the skilled workers constructed a tall framework at the end of each house where they had a system of lines to try and keep the blocks leveled off. The system was cumbersome and difficult to keep accurate. Before flying to Cambodia in August, Andrew decided to make the Masonry Line Blocks which are easy to adjust, and easy to keep in place so that the blocks can be kept straight and leveled along the wall. The line is easy to set up and can fit any wall. He used treated timber to deter insects from eating the wood.

“I am fortunate that I have a wide experience and skills that I am very happy to share. When Rob and I saw how the skilled workers were working, we thought that we could make it easier for them and improve the quality of work that they and the volunteers roduce,” Andrew shares along with other pleasant memories in his brief but fruitful stint in Cambodia. Andrew is back in New Zealand and is preparing for his next big build.