Bids Opened for Battambang Project

The Battambang project on Strengthening Civil Society-Government Partnership to Deliver Land Tenure Security (SCSGPDTS) continues to move towards accomplishing its goals. Habitat for Humanity Cambodia has formally opened the bids of potential suppliers to work on housing kits distribution and the construction of road and drainage system within the project area. The opening of bids took place at the HFHC National Office in Phnom Penh, joined by various construction companies.

Through this pitch, successful bidder for housing kits distribution will be responsible for the distribution of 60 sheets of zinc to 300 families, while the successful bidder of road and drainage construction will proceed their work on building eight lines of Double Bituminous Surface Treatment (DBST) roads, and 730 meters of drainage system on 6 hectares of land for the communities.

In an interview after the activity, Thoeun Sina, the Construction Supervisor for HFHC in Battambang said “It is very important to search for the most capable suppliers that are able to deliver the construction and distribution jobs efficiently and cost-effectively without disregarding quality. Timely delivery and completion is also essential. Hence through this bidding, we are able to find the right suppliers without any bias.”

After the completion of infrastructure, the project looks forward to the delivery of secure land tenure to all the land recipients, which will be followed by house construction services.

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