Big Squat at the Big Build

600 people squatted together to strongly contribute to raising awareness on the 2.6 billion people worldwide in need of access to decent sanitation facilities.

According to the World Toilet Organization, about half the world’s population has no access to proper sanitation – this puts them at risk for several infectious diseases, including cholera and dysentery, and kills nearly 2 million people annually with at least 5,000 children dying from water- related disease every day. Access to a toilet, a bar of soap and clean water could contribute to lessening these staggering numbers.

By squatting for one minute at noon in November 19, during the Khmer Harvest Build, Habitat for Humanity Cambodia, volunteers, home partners, community members and project partners joined the world in making a call to action and to show solidarity with the vast number of people who spend their entire lifetimes out of reach of a decent toilet.

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