Cambodia Gears-up for World Habitat Day 2012

Habitat for Humanity’s theme for World Habitat Day 2012, “Many Homes, One Community,” highlights the vital role that decent, affordable housing plays in community stabilization and development.

HFH Cambodia will take part in this worldwide campaign by partnering with people from schools, universities local associations and  private companies to help through volunteering, sponsorship and to draw attention to the need for safe, decent, affordable shelter for all through improvement of housing situation, developing thriving and livable communities, encouraging growth of strong communities through Community Building within their respective networks and through various channels.

HFH Cambodia will have an early start with its World Habitat line of activities on September 29 in one of its project sites in Battambang where government, NGO partners and students will assist in the moving of project beneficiary houses to their formally allocated land plot. The group will also help in repairing 2 houses.

Next is another activity in Phnom Penh called “Clean Homes, Healthy Communities”, where local volunteers will be mobilized to assist Anlong Kong Village – an urban poor community located in Phnom Penh City – through house repairs and home cleaning, community clean-up. The community engagement activity will be on October 6 and will be concluded with a Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion amongst community people. This activity also aims to demonstrate the importance of cleanliness within homes and surroundings amongst other communities. Habitat Cambodia will also receive support from various local media and telecommunication companies for the promotion of World Habitat.

For more information, visit Habitat Cambodia facebook page https://www.facebook. com/habitat.for.humanity.cambodia or call 097 9923667 or 012 292936.

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