CEO Build

On November 3, a CEO BUILD led by the CEO of HFH Australia Jo Brennan, joined HFH Cambodia in building a house in Trapaing Anhchanh Community, Phnom Penh.

Along the build work, the team took opportunity to visit the dumpsite, families that are living around the dumpsite and home partners that already received and moved to live in new homes from EHOPHHS Project in
Trapaing Anhchanh community.

Also joining the CEO Build team was Angela Catterns, an Ambassador for HFH Australia who shared, “I’m very happy about this first trip of mine in Cambodia. People here are very friendly and welcoming. When we go back to Australia, we will share about the experience we have learnt from here. Plus, we will return for the next build in March 2012, and by that time we are going to assemble more than 100 volunteers to come and help.”

Van Nhor, HFH Cambodia home owner added, “I’m so happy that I could not sleep. I never imagined that my dream will come true. I believe my new home will bring new future to my family, especially my children who will live better lives and be free from bad influences that were constantly around them in our old rented house.”