Double WaSH Campaigns in PP and SR


120 students participated in Andong Community, Phnom Penh while 1,297 young students from 3 different Primary Schools – Reul, Chambok Hea, Kork Chrey – in Siem Reap joined and learned from the campaign.

The campaigns promoted hygiene through demonstrations and practice like teaching students with proper hand washing with soap. It also encouraged them to change their hygiene and sanitation behavior for the better. The campaigns also aimed for students to be able to identify general water, hygiene and sanitation issues in Cambodia. Part of their activities helped them identify 4 root courses of transmission of bacteria and virus, understand 6 steps of proper hand washing, and commit together to achieve behavior change.

“Children living in urban or rural areas are easily affected with illnesses that are caused by bacteria and virus around them. It is very important to educate them about the issues on water, hygiene and sanitation and try to encourage the kids to practice simple and effective ways to prevent transmission of bacteria and virus. The primary schools are key touch points for WaSH campaigns. So far, we have been conducting many hand washing and hygiene training to the students and gained good results because of their eagerness to learn, their ability to talk about what they learned with their parents when they go back home. This simple mechanism reaches many families in need of proper WatSan education,” Sok Nith, WatSan Project Officer of HFH Cambodia in Siem Reap.