EHOPHHS Second Baseline Survey

Building on the success of the first pilot project, EHOPHHS will be extended for another year to continue supporting the PLWHA and OVC Cambodians. The extension will be in a different project name called “Chabpdeum Chivet Thmey”, CCT (New Start, New Life). In relation this development, the project team has conducted its second baseline survey, on December 1 to 7 along with its four partners – Khemara, Save the Children, SEAD, Sihanouk
Hospital the Center of Hope.

The baseline survey was divided into two main activities, the direct interview with the home partners and focus group discussion. The direct interview with home partners primarily focused on families’ socio-conomic,
health condition, daily living condition, their access to water and sanitation, electricity connection, and livelihood opportunities before receiving their new houses or house renovation.

Mr. Kheng Virak, Project Officer for EHOPHHS said, “baseline survey is key to the project’s success as it provides information which we use to measure the differenc of peoples living condition before and after the project.” The project team continues to work on EHOPHHS’ successful completion and is
gearing up for the second phase.

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