HFH Cambodia expands Reach to Bati and Kandal

HFH Cambodia reaches out to more families through a new partnership with World Vision Cambodia of building standard housing for the poor in Tonle Bati and Kirivong,Takeo Province.

The 3-year project is under the Bati and Kirivong Area Development Program with an overall goal of improving the livelihood of the poor and poorest households and their children through the provision of appropriate shelter. As an established housing organization in the country, HFH Cambodia was approached by World Vision to part-take in the housing component of the project by building 30 houses each year for 10 years.

This new development also opens up new build opportunities for Global Village teams coming to Cambodia. “This project allows us to expand our target area. More importantly, this will lead to new opportunities for HFHC to provide Construction Technical Assistance (CTA) to organizations serving the neediest sector of the society,” according to the program leader – Iv Bonnakar, Southeast Program Coordinator.

The project is funded by World Vision Singapore and building kicks-off in April.