HFH Cambodia Joins Habitat Big Builds

Habitat Cambodia once again joined the recent Everest Build 2 organized by HFH Nepal. Representing us was Kea Sarith, our Construction Supervisor.

Grateful for his new experience, Sarith shares, “It was a very valuable experience for me. Besides building new relationships amongst other volunteers, I also go to work with colleagues that we usually work with during big builds here in Cambodia but in a different environment. I have learned a lot from this, including technologies that we can later on adopt in our construction here in Cambodia. I was also able to pick-up points in terms of their construction preparation which we can refer to in preparing for the next big build here in our country. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this.”

Two other Construction Supervisors, Em Thonnak and Chea Chamnan also had  the privilege to learn from other big build in Mongolia and Sri Lanka, respectively. Thoun Sina will be joining the Bangladesh build this December.

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