HFH Cambodia Learns in India

HFH Cambodia South East Program Coordinator and Housing Finance Officer were invited to attend a Market Mapping Workshop and a Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance Housing Microfinance Product Development Toolkit Training in India with other Habitat colleagues from various counties.

The Market Mapping Workshop was from June 4 to 7. The Workshop provided the attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to conduct shelter orientation and Market Mapping exercises in any context,both in regular programmes and disaster response. After the workshop, attendees were expected to be able to plan, conduct, and interpret Market Mapping exercises in support of programme design efforts in their national contexts.

The Microfinance Product Development Toolkits Training organized from June 11 to 12 enhanced the understanding and capacities of different practitioners in the use of the CISF-Housing Microfinance Toolkit for product development Mr. Vong Chhim Vannak, Housing Finance Officer of HFH Cambodia shared, “I learned a lot from the two trainings I attended as it is the first time for me to attend a regional training. It provided me the opportunity to network with Habitat staff from other countries, contribute to improve my capacity and knowledge in doing market mapping and allowed me to understand how to use tools in developing housing microfinance products, which responds to the needs, preferences, opportunities and capacity of the low income customers.”