HFH Cambodia Strategic Planning Update


The second phase of HFH Cambodia 5-year Strategic Planning was conducted in Sihanouk Ville from 18 to 21 July with 22 participants from the Task Force and some representatives from each program and department.

On the first day of the session, the program units had the opportunity to understand strategy alignment tools, the Global Housing Indicator. The group also reviewed the HFH mission and the 5 principles and how to employ them in the HFH Cambodia context, and together be able to approach and accomplish the goals effectively and efficiency. The second day was devoted to the Annual Operations Plan where different activities including group discussion and presentation exercises were done allowing everyone to actively participate. Some team building exercises were also inserted in the sessions.

HFH Cambodia team were appreciative for the chance to learn and contribute in the continued development of HFH Cambodia Strategic Plans. By the end of the session, the team was committed to complete the survey of Global Housing Indicator and Market Mapping by the end of October 2013.

Mr. Chhun Sona, Program Manager of HFH Cambodia shared his thoughts, “The workshop was important for all to be on the same page in our next direction; we were able to share our ideas and learn new concepts from each other. I believe with good plans, accurate strategies, clear understanding amongst all of us and a strong commitment, our plans will be achieved for the next five years.”

The workshop was facilitated by Sneha Sabu, Associate Director, Strategy Management and Almudena Bartayrés, Regional Program Director of HFH Asia Pacific also joined the sessions as part of her orientation to her new role in Asia Pacific.

After the successful development and planning sessions, everyone enjoyed each other’s company and made time for some relaxation, shop for seafood, and enjoyed the view of the beautiful beaches of Sihanouk Ville.