HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention Training in Kandal Province

HighlightA training on HIV/AIDS care and prevention was conducted from February 19 to 22 in S’ang, Kho Thom, and Punhealeu Districts, Kandal Province, in which 38 families participated.

The purposes of this training were to educate people about HIV/AIDS, how HIV can be transmitted, how to prevent the transmission from mother to child, and ways of taking care of health when living with HIV/ AIDS and various prevention approaches. The Project Officer for Building Homes Building Positive Lives project said, “I believe they gained more knowledge from this training because together with the orientation, we also facilitated them to have group discussions and presentations of their thoughts and experiences. As a result, aside from learning from each other’s experiences, they also became more confident in presenting and their sharing became dynamic.

Pann Sokhom, a participant beneficiary from Ponhea Leu district shared, “This training gave me the chance to talk and share experiences with other trainees and this led me to understand our situation more. I think this is a good training as we can absorb and recognize more about the problems we are facing every day and figure out and accept ways of dealing with them.”