HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Training

317 PLWHA home partners from one of Habitat Cambodia’s Shelter-based projects enhancing HIV-OVC programs called Building Homes, Building Positive Lives participated in a one-day training focused on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care facilitated by HFH Cambodia Community Organizer in Trapaing Anhchanh Community, Phnom Penh.

After the training, villagers were expected to have improved knowledge on how to prevent other family members from being infected by HIV/AIDS, and how to continually look after their health properly within their homes and within their community. “Even if many Cambodians know about HIV, some people especially those who are affected or living with an infected family member, still have limited knowledge about the disease. I noticed that the participants asked many questions, which I know will really help them and their family in better managing the effects of HIV/AiDS ” said Phoung Roda, Community Organizer of HFH Cambodia.

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