Housing, Water and Sanitation in Siem Reap

IMG_0629Long-time donors Keely and Scot Sellers have approved another project called Community Water, Sanitation and Housing Improvement.  The three-year project will focus on improving the living conditions, health and wellbeing of 2,772 families (10,730 people) in ten villages within two communes and four rural primary schools in Kralanh District and one commune in Puok District, Siem Reap Province.

The villagers will be facilitated in accessing safe water and improved housing conditions through the provision of sanitation and water facilities, education and awareness-raising on proper hygiene and sanitation practices, major and minor renovation of identified houses, and technical skills training to complement the housing renovations.  “According to the 2014 report from the Ministry of Rural Development only 50 percent of the population can access clean water and about 48 percent can access toilets. To ensure success, the project staff is committed  to working closely with community and NGO partners in reaching out to vulnerable groups,” said Oep Oann, Habitat for Humanity Cambodia Area Program Manager.

The project will generally support the government-approved National Rural Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene Strategy for 2010–2025. Through this project, Habitat for Humanity Cambodia aims to improve the quality of life and health of rural residents in three communes in two districts by contributing to the realization of the 2010 Cambodia Millennium Development Goals (CMDG), specifically those on water and sanitation.

Keely and Scot Sellers have supported Habitat for Humanity Cambodia for three years now and we are thankful for their partnership,” Oep Oann said. The Sellers are currently funding the Village Water Sanitation and Hygiene project, which will be completed in December 2015. The new project is projected to begin in July 2015.