KHB Families Update

Ren Ran and Nhim Phy:

While preparing lunch for her family, Nhim Phy, one of the new 22 home owners from Khmer Harvest Build project, gladly shared her thoughts about being in their new home.

Nhim Phy and husband Ren Ran, and her three children, Phyrak, Sreylen, and Sreylin moved to their new homes to begin a new chapter of their lives at the New Holistic Hope Community in Oudong. “It has been about a month and a half and my children look healthier and feel healthier. I think this is because of the clean surroundings and the fresh air that we breath, ” said Nhim Phy. Along with their new live, she and her husband are now working at the farm nearby where each of them are able to earn about US$3 a day by plowing the field, planting, watering vegetables, and feeding the fish. “My husband and I are now working at the farm with the other family members. The income may not be as much as before, but just enough for our daily needs. We are also able to buy vegetables and fish from the farm where we work at lower price.”

All three of their children are now attending the school nearby – Arey Kasob Primary School. Speaking to Nhim Phy’s daughter Sreylen, she says, “I’m very happy for being in 2nd grade. I made a lot of new friends. Aside from studying, I also enjoy being the playground during breaks.”

Chum Savy:

Chum Savy invites us to sit and join her in her brand new house. We met her at the community entrance when she was on her way back from the farm.

Unlike Nhim Phy, Chum Savy moved in right after the big build. She right away took advantage of the opportunity of applying for work at the farm in order to help one of her children who provides her support for their daily living and monthly repayment.

As a single mother, Savy is driven by her goal of sending her children to go through decent education. “My children are now studying in different grades, fourth grade, second grade, and kindergarten. I am so proud of them and excited for all the good things they will learn from school .”