Land-filling Project Improves Home Partner Wellbeing

Heng Eang and His wife Im Kimhour live with their three children in Trapaing Anchanh II Village, Phnom Penh for more than six years. Eang sells fried bananas in a local market while his wife is working at a cotton factory. They are now living in a small house on the higher land to keep them away from the flood brought about by the onslought of rain. It was never easy before when they did not have access to financial help.

Until they received a Habitat loan that allowed his family to buy the land to fill the area inside and around the house to avoid the discomfort brought about by recurring floods. Back then, they they could not cook, travel to work easily, and their children were also not able to play safe on the ground. Their health was always at stake.

In October 2010, Eang was able to recieve a land filling loan of US$150. Eang is just six months away from repaying this Habitat loan in full; he repayed US$8 a month over the past 12 months.

Aside from the house loan, Habitat is providing micro-loans for families to be able to use and improving their living condition. These loans give families like Eang’s a chance to improve their wellbeing and live secure and happier lives.