Low Cost Housing Design

Motivated by the aim to support more Cambodian families who are in need of affordable, safe and decent homes, HFH Cambodia initiated a Low Cost Housing Design Workshop on December 15 at the National Office in Phnom Penh.

Joining the workshop were representatives from Caritas, Build Bright University, Urban Poor Development Fund, and HFH Cambodia construction team.

The participants discussed trends on low cost housing designs and how they can work together on a design that will allow more people to access safe shelter. The participants also discussed key design principles and provided feedback on two house design proposals consisting of a stilt house with thatch wall and zinc roof and stilt house on zinc wall and roof; both designs cost lower than USD799.

The proposed designs will make use of more sustainable bamboo as a structural element. The participants presented their feedback on each of the design in relation to Habitat’s key design principles. Habitat team noted down the comments and to further refine the design to make the house more suitable and sustaining for the home partners.

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