Mekong Big Build

Volunteers of the MekonMBBg Big Build 2013 event in Cambodia will be building rental housing units at the Smile Village project, a community and housing development program to provide families from urban low-income communities in Phnom Penh with access to secure, adequate housing.

Habitat for Humanity Cambodia is the housing partner of Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE), a non-profit organization, and is responsible for construction at Smile Village. PSE will provide education and vocational training facilities for children and older youth.

In addition to houses, families living in Smile Village will benefit from:

          • No threat of eviction

          • Education opportunities

          • Being able to save

          • Vocational training

          • Healthcare provision

          • A safe, healthier living environment

          • Sustainable revenue-generating activities

The project will also help families to prepare for home ownership.

Mekong Big Builds will launch the construction of 330 homes in Smile Village.

Thank you for your support.