Hope Journey Update – Meng Nat

Meng Nat’s husband’s health condition has become so much better. Meng Nat attributes this significant change to their new home. It has been almost three months since they moved to their house and husband Sin Sambo has not fallen ill since then. Meng Nat proudly shared that he is now able to fully help her in maintaining their home by taking care of their children and doing household chores like cooking their daily meals while Meng Nat works with her oldest son.

“I am pleasantly surprised with myself. My new home and the new environment we live in right now have made me healthier. I feel more energetic and hardly find myself getting weak,” said Sambo.

As soon as the house was finished, Meng Nat and the rest of her family made a quick move and lived in their new house just a day after the build. “It all happened so fast. Just about two weeks before we moved, the house only had its foundation filled. Then many people came here to build with us, get to know us and especially play with my children. Just few days after, I had my own house, a safer place, dry floor, a community with fresher air and a comfortable space for sleeping,” added Meng Nat with tears in her eyes.

Since Meng Nat’s husband can no longer work due to his mental illness, their eldest son helps her earn a living in one restaurant in the city, but her second daughter is now back to school. Meng Nat’s family no longer needs to pay rent and utilities, she is now able to save and plans to buy one motorbike to facilitate their transportation from home to work more easily. Her son, Panha however still plans, later in the future, to enter a vocational school where he wants to become a good cook. Their restaurant work has encouraged him to love in cooking.

“I cannot wait to go back to school. I’m a bit nervous because I haven’t been able to for many years and now I have to start all over again, but this is what I always wanted. I believe I’m going to do well in class, make friends and get good grade as I used to,” Sinat, Meng Nat’s daughter, shared as she excitedly awaits to be back in school mid next month.

“Our new home has brought me happiness and peace of mind I have never felt before. It helps me to reduce my worries about my children’s safety, their health including my husband’s and mine.”

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