MFI and Habitat Partner Provide Clients with Better Housing Services

CTAA two-day training on Construction Technical Assistance (CTA) was conducted by Habitat for Humanity Asia Pacific in Phnom Penh Hotel on May 28 to 29. 25 Credit Specialists from Thaneakea Phum Cambodia (TPC) participated in all the training sessions that focused on housing standards, risk mitigation on housing, definition of CTA and its good practice as well as basic house components and cost estimation.

“This is a very useful training for the Credit Specialists. After the course, the Credit Specialist will be able to apply the procedures, tools, forms and concepts of CTA as established in the CTA Manual. They can now clearly issue basic designs, budget estimations as they offer better value home improvement products for their clients,” said Vong Chim Vannak, Housing Finance Manager of HFH Cambodia.

One participant Credit Specialist, Mr. Ngan Seng Hak, Credit Officer of TPC said, “This is the very first time our team participated in this class. We have learned many new things related to providing housing products, which are very important to our home improvement packages. Through the new knowledge we learned, we will also be able to reach more families and make our home improvement packages accessible to them.”