New House Designs Dedicated

Three new house designs have been added to the range of brick houses, wooden houses, and the hand-made soil block house that HFH Cambodia is offering its home partners. These new designs include the Modified House, the Garden House and the Big Roof House. 3 house models were constructed for two weeks by the US GV volunteer team in November headed by Neale Kemp, 2011 Asia Pacific Nehemiah Awardee for Distinguished Volunteer Service. The new house models provide families with more options in order to meet their needs and suit their capacities in the most cost-efficient ways.

Upon the completion of the build, the house leaders shared their thoughts about their experience of building new house designs.

Neale Kemp on the Garden House: On his 9th volunteer experience with Habitat Cambodia said, “We are very excited about working on this new house designs. It has been challenging since we were expected to work with new construction methods. I really like the concept behind the Garden House. The higher roof, air block along with additional doors and windows allow the family to be  free from heat during the daytime. Plus, this house adds value to the family – the shade, protection and more space for their privacy.” “I love my new home so much. It has a lovely different look, it leaves my family an extra room with its second floor space. The small garden gives us fresher air ,” said Chhun Phearum during the house dedication.

Andy Cullen on the Modified House: On his 5th GV volunteer work with Habitat Cambodia, Andy shared, “It has been my honor to comeback to support the Cambodian people once again, and this time I feel more special for a new chance to work on a totally new house design by Habitat Cambodia. This is a good indication, which means families are having more housing options. Before our arrival, I was a bit concerned about the challenges we might face, but things turned out positively. With the support from the skilled workers and Construction Supervisor, we were able to deal with our work effectively. I’ll absolutely come back to Cambodia and see how the family has made use of their new home and how this new design has served more families.” Mern Oeun, a single mother, shared, “this is a beautiful design with a nice roof, open floor and space, which promises the my family the chance to build a second floor later.”

Ralph Ruocco on the Big Roof House: “This is another great design idea with new materials added such as pressed cement board. I have no apprehension for the new design because the tasks are mainly related to the timberwork which I have plenty of experience back at my hometown. Furthermore, the team and I are enjoying building this new house and we made good progress. I believe the family has many benefits from this design with the space provided; the new feature of mansion, and large space of poach that they can use for different purposes,” said Ralph during his 4th GV volunteer work with Habitat Cambodia. “The house looks amazing to me and I  really love it. I’m happy about the second floor, the big spacious shade from the big roof I have. I’ll take very good care of my house  for my children,” said Try Than with a huge smile on her face.

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