Safe Drinking Water for 100 Families


With a strong intention of transforming the hygiene and sanitation behaviors of villagers in Siem Reap, HFH Cambodia supports families through various methods including WATSAN training, providing wells, toilets, Aqua Towers, and through community organization. One specific activity recently held was the distribution of water filters to 100 families in need of clean and safe water for drinking.

The distribution happened on August 2 to families from 6 villages in Pouk District, Siem Reap Province. The distribution aimed at enhancing the promotion of proper hygiene amongst target community people, the use of safe drinking water for better health through demonstration. S52-year old Sang Ly, from Svay Village, Sasarsdam Commune, Pouk District, was excited to receive the water filter. “I believe that this simple water filter will provide such great benefits to my family. We find it hard to have enough clean water to drink, since there are 7 members in our household. Boiling water takes time and requires other resources like wood, so we still end up drinking raw water sometimes when we cannot wait. The filter will save us a lot of time and resources to get clean water to drink,” Ly shared.

“Through the many years of working on WATSAN, we can see the difference in peoples’ behavior towards health and hygiene. There is an evolving concern about their health amongst the families we have served and they pay more attention on how to live healthily. In such distribution activity, we are always sure to expect new better results within the families,” said Sok Nith, HFH Cambodia Project Officer for Water and Sanitation Project in Siem Reap.