Sharing Skills and Ideas: Strengthening Impact Across Asia-Pacific

1Habitat for Humanity Cambodia hosted a five-day training and workshop, focussed on program design, monitoring and evaluation (PDME). Participants from Habitat for Humanity Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, China, Bangladesh, India, Korea, Australia, Indonesia were oriented on PDME standards and policies, with the goal of further aligning to Habitat for Humanity International’s global initiative of employing advanced metrics to measure and report outcomes, and to promote stronger accountability within implementing countries.

The event included a practical workshop on logical framework development, indicators, and monitoring and evaluation planning, and the presentation of case studies from the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and Cambodia. Participants also discussed emerging gaps and challenges, as well as opportunities for improving PDME and reflecting on the objectives of the Asia-Pacific PDME communities of practice.

Following the workshop, National Office representatives were encouraged to become effective PDME enablers at their respective national offices.
Joebel Gurang, PDME Manager Asia-Pacific said, ‘Although the context of our work varies extensively from country to country, there are common challenges that we all share regarding PDME. This workshop helped us to draw on the vast knowledge bank and expereince of Habitat for Humanity program staff in the national offices and to share this knowledge in a dynamic and meaningful way’.

It is critical that Habitat for Humanity continues to design innovative programs in the Asia-Pacific region that address the complex issues faced by our beneficiaries and provide practical, measureable and achievable results. This workshop was a valuable chance to work towards that goal.

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