Together Again

Together again

Mrs. Ang Sopay, 38 years old and her husband, Horn Pheat, 39 years old, with 5 children, are living in the breaking hut at Kampong Preah commune, Sang Ke district, Battambang province. Mrs. Sopay’s family is the poorest of the poor (ID Poor 1), while their children are the most vulnerable children (MVC).

Mrs. Sopay and her husband are informal workers and they just earn an income of $4 – $6 a day from their work. Her family and children do not have a house, which is difficult especially during the rainy season. All her children also do not go to schools regularly because of they do not have study materials, uniforms, and money to pay for their extra classes and food. Thus, she and her husband decided to migrate out to Thailand border for months to be labor workers without having a particular goal or job, just seeking for jobs from day to day from place to place, and left their 5 children with their neighbor behind for almost 3 months.

One day in August 2018, Mrs. Sopay and her husband prepared themselves for migrating to Thailand again. But two RHAC-HFHC project staff conducted training on Family Development Plan nearby, and the village leader invited her and husband to attend. Here, they discussed alternative solutions from migration.  Mrs. Sopay said, “HFHC staff asked me and my husband some questions around my skills, my children’s studies and our dreams for our future. Then the HFHC staff discussed the family development plan.” She added, “Finally, I and my husband have a plan and we have changed our minds – we will not to migrate to Thailand and leave our children behind”.

With the big subsidy support of HFHC one new house and my family development plan. Sooner, Mrs. Sopay was able to start up a small business to sell fruit and other foods at his home yard, and her husband has a job as a construction worker.

Now, the family does not have to be separated from one another. They are living together happily and more comfortably. Mrs. Sopay family have enough food for our children to eat; they are also able to keep their 4 children in school regularly and increased daily income from their small businesses. “Before we were able to earn only $4 to $6 a day for feeding my family but today we can earn income from $8 to $12 a day regularly” as my FDP.

Mr. Pheat [Sopay’s husband] said with a smiling face, “Without support from HFHC, my family situation would be worse and worse because we do not have a decent home for living and cannot earn income or food to feed my children and retain them in school. We would like to thank HFHC for supporting us both new house and helping us come up with good ideas and making a different life for my family.”