New Family, New House

New Family, New House

Ms. Porng Thoeurng, is a single woman, whose parents died during the civil war and left her and her three other siblings behind. After the death of their parents, they moved to live with their aunt’s family. Her siblings are now married and live in separate houses now. But, Ms. Porng Thoeurng is still living with her aunt until 2008.

She met Ms. Tim Heang and Ms. Tim Rom, both of whom are also single women living to look after a cashew farm of Mr. Sok Sony (a businessman from Siem Reap city). They, including an 11-year-old niece of Ms. Porng Thoeurng, are living there to share food and a house together now. In a month, the farm owner provides them with a 50 kilograms bag of rice, some grocery products, medications and a monthly salary of $50. This is because Ms. Tim Heang and Ms. Tim Rom agreed with the farm owner not to get any salary as what they wanted the most is to have a place to sleep and food to eat. Despite working on the farm they manage to feed chickens and ducks for supplementary income.

While they are thankful for what they have, they still wish to have an opportunity to have their own houses. They are technically “homeless” because they live in the farm owner’s house and how even though they are very hard working, they are barely making enough to make ends meet for their family. Aside from their house is not legally their own, they still face difficulties especially in the rainy season. Their house is made from wood and it has a zinc sheet roof. During the typhoons or heavy rain, water leaks inside the house so they find it difficult to sleep. “We do not know what will happen in the future, and having an own house is more secure and comfortable,” Ms. Tim Heang added.

With the support of Habitat Korea and Habitat Cambodia, the women have been identified to qualify for a house.

Now that they have a new house from Habitat for Humanity, they can finally have a home to call their own. Ms. Porng Thoeurng is so thankful for Habitat Humanity and the Global Village volunteers for taking their time and building them a new house and a safe home. She said, “Thank you so much for coming to Cambodia and for doing so much, as a group of volunteers, to build a house. I am speechless and forever grateful.”