Tao Srey Ly – a Youth Leader

During the Hope Journey Hygiene Event, one student leader caught our attention. Her name is Tao Srey Ly, a 13 year-old, grade 6 student of Kor Trokeat Primary School.

Srey Ly enthusiastically headed fellow students during the campaign parade and confidently expressed her compassion when she presented their campaign poster to the entire school and the Hope Journey participants. Srey Ly was an effective young teacher.

In our chat with her, she told us how happy she was when she was elected as part of the student council and how she was doubly inspired to study harder and help others when she became a leader. “I was motivated, I wanted so much to help other children by being a good example and I am happy that I am able to communicate well with them,” she said.

She dreams of learning to speak English, complete her studies and work as a translator to help her parents in sending her brothers to school. Srey Ly is the eldest among three siblings; her two brothers are 12 and 3 years old. Her parents produce chairs made of cement, and through their hard work, she happily shared to us that her family was able to save and will be building their own toilet soon with the help of Habitat for Humanity. She told us how excited she was for it because once they have a toilet they will not be scared of walking far from their house, they will be healthier and she will be able to practice fully what she and the school children have been teaching their community.

It is always inspiring to see children like Srey Ly who at her young age is able to use her God-given gifts sensibly to help others.

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