The Future of Sustainable Low-Income Housing

The Future of Sustainable Housing in Cambodia, the very first design exhibition on housing for the low-income was held from 16 to 22 May in Meta-House, Cambodia.

Participations from various organizations including non-profit, private construction firms, architecture and design professionals, micro-finance sectors along with schools and universities and members of the municipality were invited to attend the event. The exhibition focused its attention on low-cost housing within Cambodia with the aim of improving the lives of the low-income families by providing adequate, fit for purpose housing. The exhibition was also a way of engaging with people from different backgrounds whilst showcasing real solutions that benefit low-income groups in a sustainable and structured way.

Habitat for Humanity Cambodia is one among the three NGOs, including Building Trust International and Karuna Cambodia, that joined forces on the competition and in bringing to life housing designs for low-income families living in Cambodia. “This exhibition is a huge success. Not only did we raise the profile of the core issues of the housing crisis in Cambodia, it has also encouraged more young professionals and students to get involved with HFH Cambodia’s vision of supporting Cambodian families in need of adequate housing,” said Bernadette Bolo-Duthy, Country Director of HFH Cambodia.

“The Future of Sustainable Housing Exhibition in Cambodia has been a fantastic example of what can be achieved through engaging local people with national issues. Rapid urbanization and growth are bringing new found optimism to Cambodia and there is a real chance to shape a future that can be beneficial for all Cambodians whilst also respecting the country’s rich natural resources and environment. We hope that by encouraging new design ideas and respecting traditional techniques, the current generation can pave the way for other generations to come,” added David Cole, Director, Building Trust International.

Due to the huge success of the event, there will be an intention to bring the exhibition back for the “Our City Festival” with a focus on the delivery of the winning projects showing how they were delivered and what impact they have made to the families involved.


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