Volunteer Program Plans for Strategic Growth


A Volunteer Program Workshop was conducted among HFH Cambodia staff in Phnom Penh on February 6 to 8 with the over-all goal of aligning program strategies with the new Habitat Cambodia Strategic Plans for 2014 – 2018.

The workshop refreshed the general staff’s understanding about Volunteer Program and the different service areas of the program including Global Village program, Youth program, and Church program, among others. It provided an excellent avenue for the group of 26 participants representing various programs and support units to discuss key issues in hosting volunteers, strategically identify tools in hosting teams and organization volunteer fund raising events and harnessing HFH Cambodia’s hosting capacity, and creating new product mix for hosting volunteers. Through the workshop, supported by HFH Asia Pacific Volunteer Program Manager Ariane Aliggayu, HFH Cambodia team shared valuable hosting experiences, lessons-learned and challenges, and most importantly, strategically planned for growth and expansion.

“I gained a deeper understanding of our role in hosting volunteers. The sharing challenges and discussions allowed us to collectively prepare solutions and new strategies. It was quite a valuable opportunity that all the programs were able to join together. I am eager to work with Volunteer Program and other partners in making Habitat Cambodia’s hosting a continuous success” shared Mr. Chhun Sona, Program Manager of HIVOVC Shelter-based Program.

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