VP-GV Program: Working to Improve Hosting Standards

Two Volunteer Program-Global Village (VP-GV) workshops were conducted among HFH Cambodia staff in Phnom Penh on April 26 and27 and in Battambang on May 4 to strengthen participants’ capacity in hosting Global Village volunteers and in articulating HFH mission and the role of VP-GV program in HFH mission.

The workshop created a venue for members from Volunteer Program, Resource Development, Construction and Programs to exchange ideas on how GV hosting and implementation can be improved. Through the workshop, the group was able to reinforce their understanding of the VP-GV program, systems, procedures, standards, and requirements. They also shared valuable VP-GV related experiences, learning, and challenges, and most importantly, identify solutions to usual challenges encountered during builds and resolve other significant issues raised.

“From my observation, the training helped clarify the roles of each department involved in preparing to host volunteer teams. The other good thing, for the Battambang session, was that we had community leaders join the training. So we will have fantastic support from the community when teams build in Battambang next year,” Hanzel Sarceda, Volunteer Program Marketing Coordinator from HFH Asia Pacific shared after the workshop.

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