Water Filters, Water Jars Distributed in Siem Reap


101 water filters and 102 water jars were distributed to 203 families living in three communes – Pouk, Sasor Sdom and Reul in Siem Reap Province in January.

The distribution, which was part of the implementation of the HFH Cambodia Water, Sanitation and Livelihood Project funded by Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission through Habitat for Humanity Great Britain was conducted in order to promote use of clean water and lead to sustained behavior change of community people through the use of safe water. During the occasion, HFH Cambodia team provided an orientation to community people about the proper methods to keep, clean and use the facilities.

“I’m so happy receiving the water filter and I now clearly understand how to use it. I never know that this small item would give such benefits to my family. It saves us time that we do not need to boil water and it helps keep us away from getting sick. When I go back, I will introduce its to other families about its usefulness and encourage them to use it also,” said Sao Bot, Siem Reap.

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