Yaro Joins HYLB In Cambodia

Yaro Joins HYLB in Cambodia

TV presenter and radio announcer Yaro Vy rose to fame from hosting one of the health education series back in 2013. The 25-year-old is famous for his talent, fashion sense, and friendly presentation style. Because of this, Yaro is the face of a lot of brands and is a well-loved media personality especially with the young crowd.

Despite his busy schedule, Yaro has still agreed to become Habitat Cambodia’s Youth Ambassador for the Habitat Young Leaders Build. Recently Yaro joined hundreds of young volunteers for several houses and school painting activities and handwashing events. He flew to Siem Reap to volunteer.

Thank you very much, Habitat Cambodia, for giving me a chance to be one of your youth representatives to help in house construction, paint in the garden, and teach health and sanitation in the elementary school in Siem Reap. I’m tired of a bit, but I had a lot of fun and this is a good memory for me. Thank you for all who joined. 🙏 I love the heart and willingness to help for the good of society, you guys!”

Everyone is tired but everyone remained in high spirits. Volunteers like Sothearith and Ngim have remarked, “Thank you to Habit for humanity Cambodia for making this event it was a wonderful time for us to join this event.” and “It was my first time that I joined this event! That was an awesome day and I hope I can join this event next year!” 

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