Housing and Human Settlements Course

A short course on Housing and Human Settlements was conducted by Habitat for Humanity International in the Philippines from July 24 to 27. Representatives from over 25 Habitat country offices attended the training.

The course presented current trends in housing low-income families, sustainable livelihoods framework and how to successfully use it as a tool in developing sustainable housing program in various country contexts. The course highlighted the link between housing development theory and HFH Housing Support Services initiatives. Participants were also provided a practical one-day field trip to Payatas, Quezon City; a location with about 2,000 informal settlers living around a mountain of garbage to enable participants to put into practice tools they have learned.

Mr. Kheng Virak, HFH Cambodia Project Officer shared, “I learned a lot from the training sessions. I was refreshed about the data collection process, developing solutions to housing problems, understood global issue related to informal settlements. I especially appreciate the knowledge shared about livelihood framework which I can use in assessing issues and opportunities within informally- settled communities.”

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