Update on 100 Toiltes in Oudong

“I do not need to walk too far and look for a bush in order to get some privacy to defecate. I can now use my own toilet anytime, especially at night. So, our community will have a more pleasing smell and it will be cleaner as everyone will already have their own toilet, and everyone will be healthier.” Ms. Sam Ny, 51, happily shared during our visit.

The 100 toilets project at the Blue Tent Community in Oudong is nearing its completion since the construction kicked-off in May 25, with 70 toilets already built.

Mr. Va Savoeun, Blue Tent Community Leader proudly shared, “The construction of the 100 toilets is almost complete.

I can already see the difference this project will bring to the entire community. Slowly but surely, community people are now learning to use their toilet in the proper way. They all share the pride and benefits of having a proper toilet.”

The 100 toilets project is a result of the effective synergy between stakeholders – HFH Cambodia is managing the construction, World Toilet Organization providing the toilet technology and products, skilled workers working on the toilets, Sihanouk Center of Hope managing the project and sending volunteers and Ms. Eunice Olsen as the founder. The project is expected to reach its completion by this early July.

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