From Crown To Hard Hat

From Crown to Hard Hat

Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 Build

Kandal | 05 July 2019

The winner and runner-ups of Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 went to Kandal province to help build a house and promote the importance of personal hygiene to prevent related illnesses to the student at Trapang Rorka primary school in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Cambodia and Arise Agency.

The queens built with the homeowner by showing their physical strength. They did bamboo flooring, wall installation, house painting and laying bricks for staircase and toilet. The new homeowner, Phal, 64, said “I am so happy, so excited and very grateful to see these beauty queens came to help to build my new house with my daughter. I feel relieved now.”

Phal and her granddaughter in front of their old rented house.

“I am so excited, and I never expected to be this lucky to see these beautiful ladies came to build my house.” Said Sreykhouch, 23, Phal’s daughter-in-law who actively building along with the queens.

Samnang Alyna, the winner of Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 said “I am so happy to join this event in building a house for aunty Phal. This is my first time to hold a hammer and nails, building a house. It was easier than my thought and I think this job made me stronger.” Thonng Mala, the 1st runner up, said “I’m so excited for this build. This reminded me a lot ab my childhood memory when I helped my dad build our own house.” John Sotima, the 2nd runner up, said “I’m so happy to be here. Working as a team is so much fun and especially we all come here to achieve Phal’s dream. I learnt a lot from this build, including building a house, and volunteerism. It’s really important to help our venerable people.” “First, I am not sure if I can kind of this work, but now I can do it and I am so excited,” added Pokimtheng Sothida, the 3rd runner up.

Samnang Alyna, the winner of Miss Universe Cambodia 2019

“These activities are very useful for Miss Universe Cambodia’s queens. Because we want them to be responsible and also to know about the situation in the county and we want them to have a voice so they can also inform people to help and we also want them to experience the actual works, and what is the true meaning of giving back, because if they know how to give back the time, the effort, not only money, then they will appreciate the title of being Miss Universe Cambodia,” said Romyr, managing director of Arise Agency.

Building along with the homeowner and Miss Universe Cambodia’s queens, Bernadette Bolo-Duty, National Director of Habitat Cambodia said “I’m so happy about this Miss Universe Cambodia Build. This is the first of many. One of the thing that I could see is the woman doing a man’s job. We need to start questioning that, and this one showing that they are able to do things that they are not used to be done by a woman. Second, volunteering is very low in Cambodia, and for them, doing this is part of their being a good role model, being a model with heart and I hope to see them more in the future.”