Governor Build

Governor Build

On May 9, 2019, Habitat for Humanity Cambodia hosted a Governor Build in Sambok Ak village, Kampong Preang commune, Sangkae District, Battambang province with the presence and contribution from His Excellency Nguon Ratanak, Governor of Battambang Province, to build alongside with the family and Habitat Cambodia National Director, Ms. Bernadette Bolo-Duthy.

The build was also attended by His Excellency Soeurm Bunrith, Deputy Governor of Battambang province and 14 staff from Battambang administration. They built a new wooden house for Teum Sokhom and Yuth Hoeub family.

Sokhom, 55 years old, is the breadwinner of the family. She is an informal laborer and catches mice and frogs for her family. Her husband, Hoeub, 61, doesn’t have any job as his health is not good. Hoeub Rasmey, 13, Sokhom’s son is a 4th-grade student. After school, he helps his mother catch mice, frogs and collects cans to sell. Her daughter, Hoeub Neath, 21 years old, has 2 children living with Sokhom and family. Her husband has left them and they have not heard from him ever since.

The family of 6 were living in a small cottage, with the roof made from thatch, palm leave and wall form the old zinc. There are holes everywhere inside the house. Sokhom said that they are always worried when it is raining or windy as they afraid the cottage may fall down on them or their kids. And when it’s raining, they cannot sleep as the water leaks from the roof.

Sokhom said, “I am so excited to see this new house. I have a chance to meet the governor which I never known or seen before. I never imagine or thought to have kind of this big house for me and my family. I always think about my children’s future, and this new house is their future. First, people in this village didn’t believe that the governor will come to build a house for my family. But when they saw the event preparation, they all were shocked and surprised. It’s like a new life to me and I could never thank Habitat Cambodia enough and all the volunteers that come to build this house for my family.”

H.E. Nguon Ratanak said during the house dedication, “It’s not just for today, we need to keep continue doing this. Not just for the governor, other government staff should join kind of this event. As a representative of the homeowner family, I would like to say thanks to Habitat Cambodia for help support to the family and should continue to do this more often with all the best.”

Aside from supporting the family, this build was also held to strengthen the cooperation between Habitat Cambodia and Battambang authorities in order to ensure a smooth and effective implementation of the Habitat Cambodia’s program.

The house is supported by the Grace project in support of Habitat Singapore. The project aims to support the most vulnerable households in Phnom Penh, Kandal, Siem Reap and Battambang of Cambodia.