A Closer Look At The Global Village Program

A Closer Look at the Global Village Program

Habitat for Humanity Cambodia seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world by building decent shelters for families in need along with donors, home partners, and volunteers.

For 30 years, the Global Village program has offered more than just the opportunity to swing a hammer or use a trowel in a different country. It has provided volunteers the experience of seeing a country like a local, with the locals.  It also provides opportunities to meet people from around the world with all different kinds of backgrounds, races, and religions. Spending time with other cultures doesn’t mean just exploring the differences, but also discovering the commonalities. Team members work alongside members of the host community, raising awareness of the burden of poverty housing and building decent, affordable housing worldwide. As partners, team members help build a true “global village” of love, homes, communities, and hope!

“I came here to help the community, building the house, but not only helping people but also being helped. We cannot live alone, we need to help each other. Global village program is necessary and important, we need to keep the activities and tell the next generation and afterward.” Kentaro, 22, a returning volunteer from Japan.

In July 2006, Habitat Cambodia hosted its first Global Village volunteer team from Australia. Since then, volunteer teams from Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, China, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Switzerland, Netherland, Sweden and other places have travelled to Cambodia to build.

“This family that I am building the house for is the best, one that I can communicate with, so I was really happy that I feel lonely to say goodbye.” Sohta, 22, a volunteer from Japan.

Habitat Cambodia has previously hosted these successful big builds:

•          2009 – Carter Work Project, 150 international volunteers

•          2014 – Mekong Big Build, 160 international volunteers

•          2017 – Cambodia Big Build, 254 international volunteers

In fiscal year 2018, Habitat Cambodia is the top global village hosting country in Asia-Pacific, with 1,365 international volunteers from 16 countries engaged and serving 118 households.

“When I first joined a volunteer trip, I asked, ‘I have no experience in building, how can I do it?’ Then they said, ‘just follow the instructions and do it with your heart!’ So now, I can do it!” Hilda, a volunteer from the U.S.