Korea Securities Depository Helps Molopor Community, Andong

The Korea Securities Depository, KSD has chosen to team up with Habitat for Humanity Cambodia in serving 2 families, 1 community and a school in Andong, Phnom Penh early this month. Ten KSD employees came to Cambodia to represent their company on its sponsorship.

The team worked together with Keo Sambath family in building one brick house and in the construction of a Community Center for Molopor Community, Khan Por Senchey. Apart from building, the KSD team donated a playground and assisted in the installation of materials in Kork Roka Primary School, which was also located in Malopor Community. The team took the opportunity to enrich their community service by organizing a Hand Washing Hygiene Promotion event which mainly educated the 150 school children and community people about the need for proper hygiene and sanitation.

The team’s commitment and hard work during the 4-day special build inspired the home partner and the community people to strive to better their living condition and to have new hope for the future. “I had so much fun working with the volunteers. They are very friendly and their help allowed me to build my house. This is an unforgettable experience for my family and me. With our new house, my family is now able to live happily, safely and healthily. Plus I’ll be able to reduce my expense that used to go towards rent and increase our savings,” said Keo Sambath.

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