Leadership Management Training in Toul Rokar Kos Community

HFH Cambodia Community Organizers held a Leadership Management training in Toul Rokar Kos Community from June 19 to 20. 26 Community Committees from Toul Rokar Kos, Anlong Kong, Kork Kleang, Samaky and Trapaing Anhchanh Community participated in the training.

The two-day training allowed the participants to learn about leadership management theories and styles, which they can apply in leading their communities. They were also able to understand approaches in facilitation and conflict resolution.

Mr. Phat Kirivuth, HFH Cambodia Community Organizer said, “This refresher effectively achieved its goal of reinforcing the things the community leaders leader before. It also served its purpose of creating a good avenue to update them about information related to their management tasks and their responsibilities towards the community.”