Project Block Boundaries Marked

The pole boundary installation in Battambang project area has started on December 12.

A group of 16 people consisting of HFH Cambodia staff, MTWG (full words) and community members- started its two-day work on the installation of the poles to signify land demarcation based on official reblocking maps approved by the Provincial Governor.

The team once again plans to carry on with the installation work on December 21 and 22 for the task completion for block I and II and aims to complete the rest of the six blocks by  January 2011.

The project site was divided into main 5 blocks and each was divided into sub-blocks. This is a key activity to illustrate that the project is now moving forward to reach its target of serving hundreds of families living within the area.

The two-year project in Battambang started in 2008, and was extended for another year to continue the project implementation. The installation of boundary poles is a key activity to illustrate that the project continues to
move forward in serving hundreds of families with secure land tenure.