Community Center for All

The first among the 3 community centers planned under the Battambang project is serving community people well especially the youth. A group of youth volunteers joined together in a 2-day Community Map Drawing session organized by Community Management Development Partner (CMDP) at the community center in Chmakar Russey Commune, Prek Preah Sdach District, Battambang.

This is the second time this map drawing education to the youth was held in the Chmakar Russey Commune community center. The drawing session aims to allow the youth to understand land re-blocking and learn about land management, planning and drawing of small plots to maximize the accommodation of families in need of secure land.

Khun Nimol, the youth team president shares during the drawing session, “This is already the second time that we made use of this community center as our learning session venue. We’re happy that we now have a free space to learn because we’re a volunteer group and we are unable to support the fee to rent a meeting room for our gathering.”

Apart from using the center for trainings, the community center is also being used by the community people and other organizations for their monthly meetings. “I’m happy that we have a wide space with fresh air for our meetings, trainings and other gathering without any fee. This community center really benefits many people in the community and even its neighboring communities. It provides a suitable area to gather and share information,” said Mr. Srun Veasna, the Community Development Supervisor for CMDP.

The Chmakar Russey Commune community center was built on September 2012.