Construction, Family Selection Consultation Workshop

Construction Workshop (3)

Habitat for Humanity Cambodia conducted a construction and family selection consultation workshop on December 17 to 18, 2014 for the HIV/AIDS-OVC focused projects together with representatives from project partners Maryknoll and ARV Users Association.  In the workshop, HFH Cambodia and partners shared new experiences and identified best practices in managing design consultations with home partner families and over-all house designs, and reviewed the processes related to the family selection for improved program implementation.

The HFH Cambodia construction team presented 24 house models to the group, and the participants assessed the suitability, quality, costs and safety of each model.  The group also reviewed the family selection procedures and tools to check if they are still in alignment with the over-all Habitat for Humanity Cambodia guidelines. The participants also identified new alternative solutions to improve the family selection process.

To promote improved program implementation, there were sections in the workshop when the participants conducted practical exercises in field observations, data verification and interviewing. As a result, supporting documents for the selection process were further reviewed and verified and the questionnaire used for conducting beneficiary interviews during baseline surveys was simplified.

HFH Cambodia project teams hold the construction and family selection consultation workshop once every two years.

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