Global Village Wrap Up in March


February 18 to March 05: A group of student volunteers from Ritsumeikan University in Japan worked with HFH Cambodia in Andong Community, Phnom Penh. The 16-member team calls themselves Rits TOMSAWYER. They finished working on foundations, plastering and some parts of the walls for two houses. The Japanese volunteers offered community members, especially the homeowners, songs and traditional dances from their country during the house dedication ceremony.

February 27 to March 08: A group of student volunteers from Nichidai University in Japan joined with HFH Cambodia in Kork Kleang Community, Phnom Penh. The 17-member was able to finished working on foundations, column and some parts of the walls for two houses. The Japanese volunteers and homepartners shared each other the moment of fun dedication with songs and traditional dancing.

February 28 to March 08: Youth volunteers from Japan formed their own big group of 24 members to assist in the construction work for a family living in 13 Makara Village, Prek Preah Sdach, Battambang. They finished one brick house on their last building day. The team also took the opportunity to visit the primary schools and donated some study materials to students. They also took the chance for sightseeing including trecking to view bats on the mountain, riding the bamboo train and visiting a 100-year old wooden house in Battambang province.

March 04 to 08: A 10-member Global Village volunteers from Australia completed w family latrines in Angkor Chum, District, Siem Reap. Working until noon time to finish the build, the team finally celebrate their moment red ribbon cuting, song and dancing with all the community people including homepartners.

March 11 to 20: A group of 19 Global Village members from Canada came together to support the families living in Angkor Chum Dis trict, Siem Reap through Habitat Cambodia’s Housing and WatSan Projects. The team was able to work on one brick house and completed three latrines for four families during the week. The team members were grateful for experiencing building a house and toilets!

March 15 to 24: 13 Global Village Volunteers from USA supported HFH Cambodia’s housing program by building and completing one brick house for a family in Trapaing Anhchanh Community. Aside from the build work, volunteers went on a city sightseeing visiting significant places around Phnom Penh. The team celebrated their accomplish ment together with skilled workers and home partners by inviting them for a farewell lunch party.

March 16 to 25: Another big group of Japanese students from Nagoya International School called NIS team supported families in  Vimean Trung Community, Phnom Penh. The 28 volunteers were able to work and finish foundations for 3 brick houses. With overwhelming happiness, student celebrated together with skilled workers and community members while having lunch. They also shared their youthfulness with the community people by teaching them games.

March 17 to 29: A 13-member Global Village volunteers from the Brillantmont School in New Zealand completed house columns, foundation and taught families how to clean their homes in Andong Community, Phnom Penh. The team also helped organize a Hygiene Promotion to 150 students in Kork Roka Primary School and Andong Community. The members were thankful for the additional experience of teaching the children about proper hygiene and sanitation.

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