HFHC Moving Forward to the Next 5 Years

HFH Cambodia carried out its week-long first phase of a 5-year Strategic Planning in Siem Reap on 23 to 27 January.

The workshop created a buzz amongst all HFH Cambodia staff from all units, aside from being able to contribute to the planning process, the workshop also provided the perfect avenue for all colleagues to personally connect and strengthen their ties towards one another.

Program units convened for the SWOT analysis on the first day. Various activities were conducted in the following days, including the presentation of the Strategy Planning Framework where the interdependence of strategies and timing between the national offices, area offices and the head office were highlighted.

To set the direction of the team, the Macro socioeconomic Environment of Cambodia was presented, and skits and creative presentations made the days more dynamic and fun. The Business Marketplace held on the third was yet again another creative way for participants to present findings from the SWOT. A group work was again conducted this time to allow the staff to express their greatest dreams, hopes and visions for Habitat for Humanity in Cambodia. A stimulating capacity building exercise was conducted for the Strategic Planning Task Force on the final day where the team was prepped for further work on the next stages of the planning process.

HFHC staff were indeed appreciative for the opportunity to part-take and be consulted about the next major steps that HFH Cambodia will take in serving the many sheltering needs of families in Cambodia. When asked about his experience, Thoeun Sina said “Once the strategies are finalized, I will be able to say that I contributed to it!” On the last day of the workshop, Bernadette Bolo-Duthy, Country Director of HFH Cambodia, presented the review of the setting sun that referred to our work in the last five years. She also mentioned that the planning and review cycle is like the sunrise-sunset- we review and learn from what we have done.

After a very successful planning phase, everyone also made time to relax and enjoy the temples of Angkor.

The recent Strategic Planning is the key to helping us collectively and cooperatively gain control of the future of HFH Cambodia and to ensure that we are able to carry out our vision “A Country Where Everyone has a Decent Place to Live” unwaveringly, and just like the setting of the sun, the sun will again rise as we undertake stronger plans for the next five years.

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