Land plot location lottery in Battambang

On October 6, 2015 Habitat for Humanity Cambodia worked in collaboration with Battambang municipal government to organize the first land plot location lottery for 30 households living in informal settlements that are applying for secure tenure through the urban social land concession (SLC) program.

The draw was held as one of the steps in the SLC process that would ensure objectivity is maintained throughout the land distribution activity, which came about as part of a memorandum of understanding signed between HFH Cambodia and Battambang municipality. The memorandum enabled HFH Cambodia to manage 82 plots of land for use by families living in informal settlement communities in Battambang City.

During the draw, three commune representatives selected a numbered ping pong ball, which corresponded with the new area in which land concessions will be granted. Next, in a transparent and fair allocation process individual families selected a number to correspond with their new plot of land.

Clifford Chance, HFH Australia, and HFH Canada,  through its Global Neighbors Program,  currently support the program focused on the delivery of secure tenure through strengthening civil society-government engagement in land tenure and housing solutions.