Maximizing My Living Space

“We just started this work about a month ago. It provides our family the extra income we need,” Chea Sreymon shared while she was busy making the rug in front of her house with her mother, brother and sister in- law.

Chea Sreymom who is also a manicurist was able to find extra work as a rug maker along with her mother and sister-in-law. To her, this job does not earn a huge amount of income, but it adds value to her savings. “We do not spend the money we earn from making the rug. We keep it in the bank, through an account that the employer opened for us to receive our wage” Sreymom continued.

One kilogram of rugs is worth 300 riels ($0.075), and for a day, her family can make upto 30 kilograms. It is indeed a good way to earn extra. The employer simply brings them about 30 to 40 kilograms of fabric, which is collected once every week.

Chea Sophea, Sreymom’s brother who just moved-in to live with her, has started working in the farm with other home partners while his wife assists Sreymom in the rug production and with housework. “I am happy that I am able to share my simple blessings to my brother and his family,” Sreymom humbly said.

With Sreymom’s industrious nature, she was able to help and inspire her family to work harder and to save for their future. They help each other in maximizing the space their house offers in running their manicure business, selling food items at home, raising chicken, making rugs, and working at the farm. Their family will surely reap greater rewards in the near future.

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