Global Village Update


August 18-26: Instead of building houses, a group of thirteen volunteers travelled from Canada to a rural village in Siem Reap Province to raise hygiene and sanitation awareness with Cambodian farmers in Anu Village.

The team also built two toilets along side three families. At the end of the day, the team enjoyed a traditional dedication ceremony, playing games with home partners, villagers, the village chief, and the skilled workers.


August 29 – September 05: More than just building a house for individual home partners, a group of Japanese students called KruPhiPho. Team coming from different universities in Japan completed repairs on five wooden store rooms and one organic garden at Ptea Teuk Dong Organization. In addition to building in both brick and wood, the team planted vegetables. At the end of the week during the dedication ceremonies, the volunteers also made time to share some of their own traditional dances with the local participants. Following work at the project site, the group departed for Phnom Penh where they had the opportunity to take in the sights and learn about Cambodia’s past.

September 01-05: A 28-member Japanese volunteer team from Doshisha University came to build two brick homes for Phnom Penh Housing Community Development in Trapang Choeung Srok Village. By the end of the week the team was able to complete two houses and enjoyed a farewell party with home partners and skilled workers. It was a very emotional time for some; there were tears of joy and hope shed by many.

Hosting GV team from ChinaSeptember 03-08: The third Japanese team of September came from Tokai University to Rural Siem Reap. For one day of the community visit and five days of the build, this team was able to complete two brick toilets for two families. The volunteer team was particularly involved with both the community and individual home partners in learning many different facets of Cambodian culture. As one team member expressed on their last day of the build, “It was very touching when I became ill, and one of the home partners kept asking me how I was feeling. They took care of me as if I was one of their family members.” The team also enjoyed interacting with children in the village, playing games, and letting them wear traditional Japanese clothes. This build group also had the opportunity to tour some of the elegant architectural ruins in Siem Reap.

September 28- October 02: A Global Village team of 27 volunteers from China, built two homes in Kandal Province.


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