Baseline Survey on EHOPHHS

A Baseline Survey for Enhancing HIV/AIDS Programs with Holistic Housing Solutions (EHOPHHS) was conducted from July 13 to 21 by International NGO Training and Research Center (INTRAC) along with HFH Great Britain. 74 families were interviewed about their living condition as a pre-requisite for selection for the EHOPHHS Project. Another 48 families participated in a focus group discussion to understand more about the challenges they face as they integrate with their new communities and their expectations from the Project.

This is the first stage of the baseline survey for EHOPHHS Project, the second stage will be conducted right after the beneficiary families selected is completed in September.

Mr. Kheng Virak, Program Officer for EHOPHHS Project said, “This baseline survey is really necessary for the project as we are able to assemble the primary data at the beginning of the project. The information gathered can afterwards be used to measure project results by the end of the period. ”